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An Interview with Pepper Basham


Tell about yourself, family, pets, favorite foods, hobbies, where you grew up, etc., and 1-3 things about yourself that have nothing to do with writing.

Hi everyone. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and now live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. My granny was the first person who ever called me a “writer,” and as proof of her faith in me, she bought me a secondhand typewriter when I was ten years old. Though I am an author, it’s something I do in addition to my day job as a speech-language pathologist. I’m an Appalachian girl, love jazz music, play Minecraft with my kids (and attempt other games…much to their humor), love my Appalachian heritage, and am an unashamed Anglophile. I think going to Biltmore may be one of my hobbies, but I’d love to make going to the UK one of my hobbies, too (not in the finance books for now, though). I love singing, watching movies/musicals, and hanging out with my kids. And I’m so grateful I get to write fiction from with both an overt and subtle Christian worldview.

What genre(s) do you write?

 I write historical and contemporary romance (emphasis on “romance”).

Are you Indy, traditionally published, or both?

Yes. Both.

What are you working on now?

 I’m getting ready to start another historical romance with another contemporary romance right behind that one. I just turned in two books which will be coming out in 2023, The Cairo Curse (February), and Positively, Penelope (August). (But I’ll tell you a secret, I have a 3rd book coming out in December of 2023…title pending).

Do you read outside of your genre? If so, what other genres do you like to read?

 I mostly read within my genres, but I do like to read fantasy too.

Did the first book you wrote get published? How long were you writing before you were published?

No, my first book didn’t get published (and that’s a good thing too). I’ve been writing since I was ten, but seriously started pursuing the craft when I was 25-ish. However, I was also raising a growing family and working full-time, so I pursued writing during nooks and the crannies of my life. I have my first book published in 2015 after over ten years of attempting publication.

When you are writing, do you like complete silence, or do you like to listen to music? If so, what kind of music do you like? What are your favorite writing snacks?

 I’ve never had complete silence while writing, so I’m not sure how I’d do with that. Usually, there is activity going on all around me. Most of my early books were written in the middle of my family activities (or they wouldn’t have been written at all), so I guess I’ve gotten used to noise. Sometimes, I can listen to music while I write, and other times, I can’t. If I do listen to music, I try to have it correspond with the “feel” of the story. Movie soundtracks, jazz, musicals, etc. I listen to a LOT of music while I brainstorm when I’m driving.

Do you have other writers in the family?

 I do!! My eldest son has finished 10 books but hasn’t started pursuing publication yet. And, might I add, he wrote most of those books in less than 2 years. It’s mind-blowing! My 17-year-old son just started his first novel too. My 20-year-old daughter had tried writing a few books, but she’s a visual artist, so she ends up drawing the rest of the story instead of writing it! LOL

Do you prefer ebooks, printed books, or audiobooks most of the time?

 I’m a print book kind-of-girl, but I’m starting to enjoy audiobooks for when I’m driving.

Do you read your reviews? How do you process negative reviews?

Yes, I read my reviews. My hope is that if I see a consistent theme in my negative reviews, that I can grow from those instead of getting my feelings hurt or trying to justify myself. But I realize reading is a very subjective activity, and my books won’t fit everyone.

Do you see writing as a kind of spiritual or therapeutic practice? 

Oh, definitely both!!

Does anyone in your family read your books? 

My 20-year-old daughter does. My dad is probably my BIGGEST reading fan! He’s known as RamboDad because he’s always trying to insert Rambo into my books to help folks in the story. My husband read his first one of my books last month. (He’s not a fiction reader).

How many books have you written, and which is your favorite?

Oh gracious, it’s impossible to answer that question about “favorite”. Two I really enjoy because of the humor are Just the Way You are and The Mistletoe Countess. I just turned my 21st book into my editor, but I’ve written 24.

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Can their hearts overcome the darkness of the mountains?

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Belle Calhoune-Author Interview


Tell about yourself, family, pets, favorite foods, hobbies, where you grew up, etc., and 1-3 things about yourself that have nothing to do with writing.

I grew up in a small town (Milton, Massachusetts) located ten minutes south of Boston. I moved to my current state of Connecticut after the birth of my youngest daughter, who is now attending college. So, I’m a lifelong New Englander. I live with my college sweetheart husband, Randy, and our youngest, who is in college. Our oldest has been living in New York City for over a year now. We have two very spoiled dogs. Copper is a mini poodle and Beau is a black Lab. My favorite foods are shrimp, Spaghetti Bolognese, pizza and lobster. My hobbies are reading, watching classic films and traveling. I love the ocean, so anytime I have the opportunity to be around it, I’m thrilled.

What genre(s) do you write?

I write contemporary romance in the inspirational and sweet genres.

Are you Indy, traditionally published, or both?

I am a hybrid author. The best of both worlds.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a proposal for a series featuring three brothers. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be well received.

Do you read outside of your genre? If so, what other genres do you like to read?

I do. I love thrillers, probably because they are so far removed from what I write. I love the excitement and the mysterious aspects. They are pulse pounding thrill rides.

Did the first book you wrote get published? How long were you writing before you were published?

No way lol. When I was in my twenties, I wrote a book that I tried to sell during my maternity leave with my oldest daughter. I received a really nice rejection letter with some sweet compliments. At the end of my leave, I went back to work and focused on work, raising my baby and supporting my husband as he went to law school. There really wasn’t time to pursue my writing dreams. Fast forward and I had my second daughter and moved to Connecticut. After settling there, I decided to pursue the dream again. About thirteen years ago, my dream was realized. So, the lesson is, if you’re meant to be a writer, you won’t be able to let it go.

When you are writing, do you like complete silence, or do you like to listen to music? If so, what kind of music do you like? What are your favorite writing snacks?

I tend to listen to music to set a mood, such as Christmas music for a Christmas book and r and b for a romantic moment in the story. Those are my faves along with Adele, Sade, Luther Vandross, Prince and Pink. And for oldies, I love Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. They are timeless. My favorite snacks are popcorn, fruit and cheese-crackers. I’m trying not to snack as much these days.

Are there any books or authors that inspired you to become a writer?

I grew up across the street from a public library, so books were easily accessible for me. When I was around twelve years old, my older sister brought me a book home from a book sale. It was The Golden Unicorn, a gothic romance by Phyllis Whitney. I fell in love with the book and the wonderful author. In my early twenties, I wrote Whitney a fan letter, and she wrote me back in a handwritten letter. She was in ill health, but so lovely and positive. I will never forget her grace or kindness. I have a huge collection of her books on my shelf. She inspired me to write and to be a good person as an author. I respond to every email I receive.

Which do you prefer, writing or editing? Why?

I prefer writing the book, one hundred percent. I receive edits from my editor and a copy editor and it’s difficult sometimes to have words and ideas changed, but over time I’ve learned to accept the process and not feel defensive. In short, edits make the book better. And as an author, it’s my goal to put out the best product I can each and every time.

What is your favorite writing craft book?

I love the book GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict) by Debra Dixon because it has solid suggestions that never lose their power. Knowing the goals, motivations and conflicts of our main characters is vital to creating a book filled with conflict and strong back story. I always go back to this when I’m writing a book. Knowing what our characters want and what is getting in their way is everything.

Does anyone in your family read your books? 

My sweet dad reads all of my books which means the world to me. He is a prolific reader, and it’s great to see him enjoying my books.

When did you fall in love with reading?

When I was in first grade, I struggled a bit with reading. My mom used to love telling me the story of my experience. My first-grade teacher clearly wasn’t very thoughtful because she had three levels of reading groups… the cows, the lions and the foxes. Clearly, the cows were the slowest and clumsiest readers. Insert eyeroll. Well, I did not want to be a cow, so I worked overtime to get better. One day I came charging home screaming, “I’m in the lions. I’m in the lions.” Weeks later I came home screaming, “I’m in the foxes. I’m in the foxes.” Goal achieved. From that point on, I was an avid reader and growing up across the street from a public library cemented it.

A faux summer fling seemed like the perfect solution . . . until they start falling in love for real.

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Toni Shiloh-Author Interview

Tell us about yourself, family, pets, favorite foods, hobbies, where you grew up, etc., and 1-3 things about yourself that have nothing to do with writing.  

I’m Toni Shiloh, Christian contemporary romance author. I’ve been married for 17 years and we have two boys that entertain us on a daily basis. I like to play video games with the family, watch movies, or read to my hearts’ content. I’m a born and raised Texan but reside in Virginia currently, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing Dallas Cowboys wear wherever I go.

What genre(s) do you write? 

I write Christian contemporary romance because it’s the best in my humble opinion.

Are you Indy, traditionally published, or both? 

I’m a hybrid author, which means that I publish books Independently as well as traditionally. It’s the best of both worlds!

What are you working on now? 

Right now I received line edits of my next Love Inspired read releasing in 2023. We’ll see what I work on after that. ;)

Do you read outside of your genre? 

If so, what other genres do you like to read? I do read outside the CCR genre. I’m a huge fan of romance so I’ll read any subgenre it has: historical, fantasy, suspense, etc. I also read some clean romance books as well, especially if they’re rom coms.

Did the first book you wrote get published? How long were you writing before you were published? 

Yes because I indie published it. After that, I was traditionally published and a year passed between the two books.

When you are writing, do you like complete silence, or do you like to listen to music? If so, what kind of music do you like? What are your favorite writing snacks? 

I always listen to music when I’m writing, revising, editing, etc. I usually create a playlist for each book I write so I listen to that as I work on the story. There may be instrumental music but usually the songs have lyrics. I usually don’t eat while writing. Too focused to remember to grab something.

How do you brainstorm your story? 

That’s a great question. Usually, I start with a character and think of ways their background has shaped them from the past to the present of when I want to write their story. I let their history speak for itself.

How long did it take you to write your latest book? 

It took me 6 weeks to write the first draft of To Win a Prince. That was totally a God blessing because normally I average three months.

Do you celebrate when you finish your book?  How?

Yes! I sometimes buy a slice of cheesecake, or I’ll buy a bookish/writerly shirt.

Watch for Toni’s next release, To Win a Prince, coming September 13, 2022. It’s the sequel to her very popular novel In Search of a Prince.

Learn more about Toni and her writing at:



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As You Wish-Flash Fiction


Carried on the shrieks of carnival-ride goers, the fragrance of funnel cakes and cotton candy wafted through the air. It was a smell Judy usually associated with fun times with friends and family. Now, the odors were making her nauseous. The festive lights felt like spotlights following her walk of shame. She was sure everyone knew why she was at the carnival alone. 

She was a loser and needed magic to find true-love. 

 Shazahm’s Magic Love Machine promises to lead you to your true-love. The magical machine traveled with the carnival and was usually set up behind the Ferris wheel. Tonight was the last night the carnival would be in town. 

 This is silly. Judy shook her head and turned to leave. How could a machine built in a factory help you find true-love?


 The Smiths met because of Shazahm’s Love Machine. The owners of Uptown Bakery said that’s how they met too. She turned back toward the Ferris wheel.

Magic was her last hope.

 Her brother’s best friend, George, was back in town as the new offensive football coach at the University after an injury ended his NFL career. She’d had a crush on him since she was sixteen. She hadn’t been able to get him out of her mind since a group of their friends went to that baseball game last week. Her brother Jason wouldn’t tolerate his little sister having feelings for his best friend. And George would probably laugh at her if he knew. She had to find her true love to get George out of her heart.

There it is.

She searched the crowd for familiar faces. Clear.

Shazahm’s machine looked like an old shopping mall photo booth. The floor was sticky from spilled soda. She sat and pulled the heavy curtain shut. A ratty animatronic puppet wearing a gold turban greeted her. “Welcome. Judy.” 

Hair prickled on the back of her neck. How did the machine know her name? 

The puppet continued. “For seventy-five cents, the amazing Shazahm will guide you to your true-love.” She deposited three quarters. The puppet’s gaze became startlingly human and direct. “Judy. Tonight is a magical night for you. Your true-love is near.” A purple ticket popped out of a slot. 

It read, “Go to the churros trailer. Show this ticket to receive a free churro. Your true-love will be there wearing a purple shirt.”

“A guy in a purple shirt at the churro stand?”  Her shoulders sagged. She held the purple ticket up to Shazahm. “I can’t believe I fell for this.”

The booth shook with a metallic screech. Shazahm’s eyes glowed red. “Do not hesitate! Do not doubt Shazahm’s magic!” 

Her heart thundering, Judy fled the booth. 

If nothing else, she would get a churro for only seventy-five cents.

 At the churro stand was a man in a purple polo shirt.  He had his back to her. She recognized that head, that hairline, those deliciously broad shoulders. George. She froze. He turned around, holding a yellow ticket, scanning the crowd. His eyes fixed on her yellow shirt. Then to her face. He smiled. She turned and ran. No. Her true love couldn’t be George. 

“Judy! Wait!”

She dodged through the crowds. Did she really think she could outrun a former professional football player? No, but she had a good head start. This is so embarrassing. Now he knows.

 “Judy. Stop.”  Already losing her breath, she stopped but didn’t turn around. She clenched her fists. Standing behind her, George wasn’t even breathing hard. “You have a purple ticket. I have a purple shirt. I have a yellow ticket. You have a yellow—”

“Jason would disown me.”

“What does Jason have to do with this?”

She spun around. “Jason has everything to do with this!”

“Why? I don’t see him here. This is between us.” He took a step closer. “Judy, I’ve liked you ever since…Remember that trip our families took to that lake house?”

“Yes.” Warmth crept into her cheeks as she recalled laying on her back on the dock with the kids from both families staring up into the night sky. The moon was just a sliver of light. The sky was clear, and the milky way was visible overhead. The water slap slapped against the boats. She was so close to George that she could’ve touched him if she stretched out her fingers. There was a shooting star they all wished on. She had wished he’d kiss her. 

“That night, we were all laying on the dock, and that shooting star passed over, I wished I could kiss you.”

Her eyes met his. “You did?” 

He stepped closer. “I did.”

He smelled of good memories. “You could have any woman you want. Why would you—”

“I went to Shazahm because the only woman I’ve wanted was my best friend’s sister. I thought she was off-limits, out of reach. I couldn’t get you out of my mind.” He swept a wisp of her hair behind her ear. “You’re so beautiful.” 

  “You think I’m beautiful?” She thought herself too heavy, too tall, too big to be beautiful.

“Your beauty isn’t just on the outside. It glows like a magical force from within. You’ve had me under your spell for a long time.” He held up the yellow ticket. “Shazahm knows what I’ve always known. You and I belong together. Is there any chance that you’d give us a chance?” 

“I…I want to, but….” She looked at her purple ticket. George was right. Jason had nothing to do with this. Let him fuss. “If we did this, there would be no going back. It’d change everything.”

“If I had you, I’d only want to go forward.” 

She straightened her shoulders and looked George square in the eye. “Same.”

He smiled and cupped his hand under her chin. “Judy, I’m going to kiss you.”

She leaned into the warmth of his hand and smiled. “As you wish.”


Thursday, August 4, 2022

One Hundred Days-The Journey Continues

“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.”

 T.F. Hodge

Note: This is the third post in my 100 Days-An Imperfect Journey series. I am addressing areas of weakness in my life and goals that have been unmet for years. I wanted to conquer them with an intensive focus for 100 days. Accomplishing one percent of each goal per day, Join me on my journey!

 One percent per day for one hundred days seemed like a brilliant concept and a manageable goal when I started this journey. Do a little and fill in that box for the day, but trying to maintain my chart with little boxes to check off became a trap of legalism. Trying to address every area of weakness every day was exhausting and ineffective.

This is how my days were going.

I would work on decluttering and organizing my bedroom when I’d realized I hadn’t done anything in my office that day. I would leave my bedroom project where I was making progress and try to make a difference in my office. Then, I’d have to stop to make dinner.

When bedtime came, I would have a pile of things on my bed that I had been sorting from earlier in the day. Now what? I ended up with laundry baskets of stuff to be sorted lined up against (the clutter against) the wall. Some days I just didn’t get to one of my areas of focus because I was busy with real life, taking care of my family, two large dogs, working, keeping up with laundry, meals, and grocery shopping. I hated the little chart I made with boxes for each day. I was frustrated and felt defeated when I failed to get to a task. I started adding blocks to the end of my chart for neglected areas. That was pushing my end date further away. It wasn’t going to get done in one hundred days. Then I thought maybe I’ll take Sundays as a free day, not counted in the one hundred days, but still use it to catch up. Yes, I cheated. I’d try to do three percent of each goal on Sundays which did not lend itself to having a day of rest because Monday was coming, and I had not caught up from the previous week.

I was getting ready for a conference in a few weeks and was thinking about shelving my whole 100 Days idea until after I returned. It was a writers’ conference, so I had business cards to order, one-sheets to create, manuscripts to polish, clothes to buy, and travel plans to finalize.

 I let some things slide for those weeks before the conference but focused on ASL, my health, and listening to God. The verses I had on my pre-made list were not speaking to my life. All Scripture is God-breathed, but not all scripture applies to all seasons. Since my scripture re-memorizing plan wasn’t working, I spent more time sitting still and listening for God’s direction. I wanted to change. I believe God wanted me to change. I listened for that still small voice, for those gentle nudges in my heart.

One Sunday during worship, we were singing a song I knew in sign from I felt like God wanted me to sign along with the song. I resisted.

I wanted God to speak to me.

That meant I had to listen when I felt his promptings.

I pushed aside my fear of man and tentatively signed along with the song. I experienced deep joy at not just worshiping with my voice but also with my hands. I did the same the following week, and after the service, the pastor’s wife came up to me.

“Bonnie! Do you know sign language? I saw you signing last week and today!”

I explained I was trying to learn sign language. She had taken sign language in college but had forgotten much of it and would love to learn it again. We made plans to learn and practice together the following Thursday. I showed her the two websites I was using. Her husband led worship and told us which songs would be sung at church the next Sunday. We learned one of those songs. Wow! And all that because I obeyed a still small voice that prompted me to sing with my hands.

Another prompting I felt might be from God but was hesitant to obey was telling one of my friends that the store I worked for part-time was hiring. It seemed like a ridiculous idea. She was a retired nurse with eight adult children and I don’t know how many grandchildren. But that nudging wouldn’t stop. The idea wouldn’t go away no matter how I tried to dismiss it. The Sunday before I left for my conference, I told her about the job openings, “If that’s of any interest to you….”

My jaw dropped open when her jaw dropped open.

“Really?” she said with a big grin.

She applied online that same day, Sunday.

I texted my boss to look for her application.

My friend had an interview and a job offer by Monday afternoon.

She was thrilled,

My boss was delighted.

Listening to the quiet nudges in my heart was paying off.

The whole hundred days idea was about examining my life, listening to what God had to say about it, and acknowledging areas where I needed to change and grow. Those changes would not come in my strength. I realized that is what the 100 Days had to be about. Changing where and how God wanted me to change. Not worrying about what other people thought, but only what God thought. My house was still almost as cluttered as it was when I started. But I was learning to listen to God more closely and was seeing fruit. I believed he was helping me with the changes I wanted to make.

Some things were going well, especially with my progress in learning ASL and my health. I was still on track for weight loss, averaging one pound per week. I was consistent with dietary supplements, chiropractor visits, and the exercises my chiropractor recommended.

I still felt the frustration of my cluttered house. I had finally reached the point where the dysfunction my clutter and disorganization caused in my life had pushed me to want to change. I was determined to pick up where I left off after the conference. This time would be when I finally took charge of my life and my clutter. I was still sold on seeing what I could do in one hundred days of focus, but I had to devise a way that did not involve checking off little boxes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

One Hundred Days-An Imperfect Journey-The First Week


A year from now you will wish you started today.

-Karen Lamb

Note: This is the second post in my 100 Days-An Imperfect Journey series. I am addressing areas of weakness in my life and goals that have been unmet for years. I wanted to conquer them with an intensive focus for 100 days. Accomplishing one percent of each goal per day, I was sure I could do it.

Click on the label “100 Days” to see the first post. 

Before I started my 100 Days, I made a table with column headings across the top with a one-word description of each goal and numbers one through one hundred down the left side, with the corresponding dates. As I worked on that goal daily, I would fill a block. I figured what a hundred days from my start date would be and put that at the top. I had five primary goals.

Declutter my house: I wanted to declutter three areas of my home. My office, my kitchen, and my bedroom. Throughout the week, I worked a little in each room. The bathroom is where I made the most progress in the bedroom project. I got rid of all the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles with only a little product left. I funneled them into my current bottles. Some bottles were almost full, containing products I would never use again, and the tightwad in me shuddered at the waste of throwing them out. But if I was going to succeed, I had to be firm with myself. I threw them out. I also threw out expired medications and old makeup.

Diet and exercise for better health and fifteen-pound weight loss. I exercised every day, though most days, I only got my stretches in. I counted this as done. Although it was not what I needed to do to reach my health goals, at least I did something, and every day I was confident that the next day I would do better. During the week, I walked half a mile twice on my treadmill, so that was something.

I had been intermittently taking dietary supplements I’d researched for my health needs, chronic pain, aging, etc., but I needed to be consistent if they were going to do me any good. For the first week, I consistently took my dietary supplements.

I limited my food intake, eating only until I was no longer hungry, not until I was full. I lost one pound!

Be conversational in American Sign Language. I had been intermittently watching ASL classes at at American Sign Language University, which I highly recommend, and I was learning how to sign worship songs at, another excellent resource. Through a series of videos, you learn all the signs needed to sign popular worship songs. I started my one hundred days by reviewing the lessons I had already gone through, one through seven, at ASLU and the two worship songs I already learned to sign. By the end of my 100 Days, I wanted to know ten worship songs and have completed twenty ASLU lessons.

Memorize Scripture: I’d been inconsistently using the Fighter Verses app, produced by Desiring God. It is an app that helps you to memorize one verse per week, with enough verses for five years. I wanted to take one set of fifty-two verses, study them, and get them firmly memorized. I was already familiar with these verses but wanted to get them buried solidly in my heart. I planned to take five to six verses per week and study them daily. This way, I’d review all fifty-two verses for two weeks during my 100 Days.

I didn’t do very well with this goal. I was too distracted by the busyness of my other goals. I didn’t have a good memorization plan. I looked at all my verses daily, but I was only doing rote memorization. I wanted God’s word hidden in my heart, not just in my head. So while I filled the little boxes. I didn’t feel as though I had actually accomplished anything.

 Keep up with paperwork and bookkeeping. I did some computer file maintenance and organizing files. And I filed hard copies of paid bills and other paperwork, which helped but didn’t make much progress other than being ready to be productive later.

By day seven, I had every column filled every day of the week. I was very pleased with myself, even though, honestly, I filled some blocks not having done a full one percent, but I told myself I would do a lot more in that one area the next day, or next week I would make up for this week.

I believed I would succeed. I had ninety-three days left. But my first week was an example of the analogy of having too many plates spinning. You know the scene where someone tries to keep a row of plates spinning on the top of thin poles? They get all the plates spinning, then one wobbles. They run over to get it going again, then another plate begins to wobble. For one moment, all the plates will be spinning and staying aloft. The performer will step back with a self-satisfied smile, but then another one begins to wobble, and they are again running from one end to the other, trying to keep all the plates spinning.

I was exhausted. Maybe the next week would go better.


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Darlene L. Turner-Author Interview

An Interview with Author Darlene L. Turner

Tell about yourself, family, pets, favorite foods, hobbies, where you grew up, etc., and 1-3 things about yourself that have nothing to do with writing.

I’m the youngest of three children (aka the “spoiled” one!). I live in Ontario, Canada and I’ve been married to my hubby for 24 years. I enjoy tole painting (painting on wood pieces), reading (of course!), and watching movies. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite food! I love pizza, Chinese food, chicken fingers, and French fries. Haha! I grew up in New Brunswick (next to Maine).

Three things about myself: I love flavored coffee, have over 30 plaid shirts, and lots of colored pens!

What genre(s) do you write?

Romantic Suspense

Are you Indy, traditionally published, or both?

Traditionally published

What are you working on now?

My eighth book for Love Inspired Suspense. Feeling very blessed!

Do you read outside of your genre? If so, what other genres do you like to read?

Yes! Fantasy, YA, and even middle grade school.

Did the first book you wrote get published? How long were you writing before you were published?

No, it was actually my third book that Love Inspired Suspense contracted. It took me approximately ten years to get published.

When you are writing, do you prefer complete silence, or do you like to listen to music? If so, what kind of music do you like? What are your favorite writing snacks?

Sometimes I like silence, and other times, I like to have instrumental music playing softly in the background. Coffee is my writing snack.          

 How do you celebrate when you finish your book?  

With a treat of some kind – normally a Starbucks latte!

How do you come up with character names for your stories? 

 I have a “names database” of names I’ve heard on TV, movies, or from friends

How long did it take you to write your latest book? 

 Approximately 3 months

Do you have any manuscripts you have shelved that you might return to? 

Yes…maybe one day!

How long have you wanted to be a writer?

Since I picked up my first Nancy Drew book!

Are you more of a plotter or a pantser? 

Definitely a pantser!

Darlene’s latest romantic suspense Fatal Forensic Investigation was just released!!

Learn More about Darlene and her writing here: where there’s suspense beyond borders

Facebook (author page):



Instagram: darlenel.turner


In my next I'll post again about my Imperfect Journey of 100 Days, trying to pointedly address my weaknesses, bad habits, and areas where I want to grow. I am committing 100 days on intensive focus. Join me on my journey and see where I end up.